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Euro Bus Diamond is a young and motivated company which appeared as a natural result of the experience accumulated for approximately 15 years performing in the automotive industry. As an effect of massive investment , in 2014 we had the pleasure of introducing to the market the first bus produced by Euro Bus Diamond designed for passengers transport in urban areas, more specifically, the City Bus Diamond model.

City Bus Diamond 

City Bus Diamond represents the ideal choice for public transportation. With an impressive passenger transport capacity, enhanced comfort, increased safety and cutting-edge design, it establishes an unique standard for public transportation. The City Bus Diamond model, with 100% low floor and Mercedes Benz EURO VI ultimate generation engines offers a guaranteed long-term success regardless of the customer demands. City Bus Diamond offers practical solutions for public transportation and a harmonious design with luminous and welcoming interior, thanks to the extended glass surfaces, large doors that allow easy and safe access for passengers and a ramp dedicated to people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Factory and technology

Developed on a total area of 35,000 square meters, which includes 11,000 square meters of covered area near Bucharest, Romania, on the main highway that connects Europe and Asia, Euro Bus Diamond activity implies manufacturing and seling its own brand of buses. Euro Bus Diamond factories represents a blend between state of the art technology and qualified, passionate and committed employees. Among the Euro Bus Diamond staff there are engineers and employees with an experience of more than 20 years in bus manufacture, both in national and worldwide prestigious companies. With an annual production capacity of 450 buses, Euro Bus Diamond targets to cover a wide area of transport needs. Euro Bus Diamond ambitions are borderless, our intended purpose is to introduce on the EU markets high quality buses with outsanding reliability and low operating costs. As a producer, with our competent engineering capability and advanced production technology we are able to tailor our products to suit any individual needs of our customers, making Euro Bus Diamond a strong partner in terms of public transportation vehicles.

Outstanding components

Following the signing of an agreement with Mercedes Benz in 2013, our buses are equipped with Mercedes Benz / OM 936 Euro VI diesel engines. The engines are designed with a rigorous focus on environmental conservation, effectiveness and performance resulting in low fuel consumption, long engine life and extended maintenance intervals. The engines deliver a spontaneous response, impressive power output (220 kW) and the smoothest possible running characteristics. The Mercedes Benz engines operates together with the ZF EcoLife gearboxes. Having automatic transmission and 6+1 gears the ZF EcoLife gearboxes provides a more effective primary retarder, more efective dual cooling system, new torque converter with torsion damper as standard, longer service life even with increased temperature requirements. This transpose into a higher average speed, reduced fuel consumption, smooth shifting, quiet braking and low emmision. ZF also supply Euro Bus Diamond with axles and the steering system components. In addition, together with Mercedes Benz and ZF, Euro Bus Diamond has as long term partners prestigious companies such as Wabco (brake system), Bosch Rexroth (engine cooling system), Pirelli Tyres and others.

Pursuing our passion

Ever since we founded the Euro Bus Diamond company, our objectives were clearly defined. Once we reached our first goal by designing and manufacturing the City Bus Diamond model, 12 meters long urban bus with 100% low floor, we have focused our energy on achieving our other objectives. In the near future we will present on the national and international market the 12 meters long school and service bus, 9 meters long city bus and finally we will complete our range of produscts by manufacturing the 9 meters long Euro Bus Diamond coach buses.

Quality assurance statement

Surpassing our clients requirements and expectations by providing them high quality performance products, represents the foundation on which Euro Bus Diamond Company was built and constitutes our quality assurance statement. The quality of Euro Bus Diamond products and manufacturing systems have been certified with “ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate”. Quality management system requirements are met by all of the organization employees, who understand that its application leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness in all the processes established within the organization. By ensuring collaboration between all Euro Bus Diamond employees, at all levels, we manage to achieve our main objective: absolute customer satisfaction.

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