Outstanding features

The buses offer a unique experience with the help of the unique design, but also with the help of the latest technologies used.

Mercedes Benz engines

Ideal solution for any challenge, Mercedes Benz Euro VI top of the art engines witch equip the Euro Bus Diamond together with the ZF Ecolife gearbox offer a remarkable contrast between high power and low fuel consumptions.

Cutting-edge Exterior Design

Whith an impressive passanger transport capacity, enhanced comfort created for passangesrs, increased safety and cutting-edge design, it estabilished an unique standard for public transportation.

Welcoming Interior Design

With a luminous and welcoming interior, thanks to the extended glass surfaces, comfortable and robust chairs, large doors that allow easy and safe access for passengers, Euro Bus Diamond represents the ideal choice for you.

Perseverance, our key to success

Euro Bus Diamond is a young and motivated company which appeared as a natural result of the experience accumulated for approximately 15 years performing in the automotive industry. As an effect of massive investment, in 2014 we had the pleasure of introducing to the market the first bus produced by Euro Bus Diamond designed for passengers transport in urban areas, more specifically, the City Bus Diamond model.

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