We are open and flexible to collaborate with any financial institution in the country or internationally at the request of our clients. We can also provide our customers with a complete package of financial services for the purchase of buses through our financial partners. Financing solutions are customized and customized according to the needs and potential of each client, offering in addition to low costs, the flexibility and predictability so coveted by all business partners. BMC Truck & Bus benefits from sustainable partnerships with prestigious financial institutions so that the range of financial services provides various solutions, adapted to the profile market in Romania.

Maintenance packages

A. Maintenance and repairs included with fixed cost included
Maintenance and repair services offer customized technical assistance packages that ensure the perfect functionality of the vehicle during the contract. In addition, you benefit from a light fixed monthly cost that is budgeted annually and taken into account when taking over the vehicle.
Each service package can be customized according to the type of vehicle, the average annual distance traveled as well as the customer’s needs. This will result in a maintenance program fully adapted to your needs.

B. NON-STOP Roadside Assistant
The Roadside Assistance helps you resume your journey with a simple phone call. We answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our Roadside Assistance Center is at your disposal 24 hours a day to solve all your problems as soon as possible.

Telematics solutions

Our buses can be delivered with GPS system and a 24-month Fleet Management subscription provided by prestigious telematics partners.

Monitoring solutions allow the owner to have at hand all the other techniques and operations related to his vehicles and work perfectly integrated in any company or independent ERP solution.

Information provided:

GPS data: location, speed, km traveled, km board, driving style.

Data from the on-board computer: fuel consumption, engine operating mode (speed, average speed), axle weights, fuel level (from the probe), engine temperature / pressure, pleasant condition number of passengers, etc.

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